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Anna Lee School of Dance


We offer a fun and supportive environment with an emphasis on enjoyment which ensures students feel comfortable as they learn to dance.

Dance classes are tailored for pre-schoolers through to advanced students. Students have the opportunity to learn dance styles including ballet, jazz, hip hop and contemporary. The dance school prides itself in providing a very high standard of technical teaching that enables students to participate in performances, exams and medal tests. Classes available in Papanui, Ferrymead, Halswell, Lincoln and Ladbrooks. Enrolments are being taken now.



Dance Classes

At Anna Lee School of Dance we teach a variety of different styles & age ranges at our various locations.

Preschool Classes
Our Pre School classes are tailor-made and designed especially for children and 3 to 4.5 years old (pre school). With an emphasis on fun and enjoyment children will be introduced to ballet and jazz. They will learn basic dance steps and moves, improve coordination, concentration and listening skills as well as learning new concepts such as moving in circles, on diagonal and following a leader. They will develop a better sense of spacial awareness and working within a group.... Read more
Ballet students are introduced to a variety of syllabus exercises in the first years of their training. Last year the RAD introduced a new syllabus for the junior children. It is extremely good for developing imagination and musicality. The exercises are not traditional ballet exercises but will instill a love for movement and dance. The BBO work offers these traditional technical exercises as well as imaginative exercises and partner work. We feel that by introducing exercises from both syllabi... Read more
Contemporary classes are offered to students from approximately 9 years old. A background in ballet or jazz is not needed for contemporary dance.... Read more
Hip Hop
Our hip hop classes are not currently syllabus based. Students can sit medal tests through the NZAMD syllabus and medal exams through the JDNZ system. Teachers choreograph the class work as well as medal test and exam work.... Read more
As of 2022 ALSD has taken the exciting step to offer the APDA JazzAddict syllabus to our students. The ADPA work offers exciting and modern exercises that help to stretngthen and promote sound technique while teaching a variety of steps and styles such as turns, leaps, floor work, lyrical and musical theatre. We also offer NZAMD performance based medal tests - these are a favourite amongst our junior school especially.... Read more
Stretch Classes
Stretch classes are offered at the beginning or end of classes where time permits. The focus is on core strengthening as well as stretching muscles to gain better flexibility.... Read more
Ballet for Jazz Students
We recommend that jazz exam students from approx grade 3 and up (or earlier) attend a ballet class once a week.... Read more
Private lessons are offered for those wishing to enter competitions.... Read more