Pupil Enrolment

We happily accept new enrolments for most of our classes throughout the dance year for both non-experienced and experienced dancers. All new students are asked to fill in the following enrolment form before we can confirm your place. If you would prefer to print and fill in the forms you can download the forms below and return to the office or class teacher.

Before filling out an enrolment form for a class, please make sure you have contacted the office (354 6228) to confirm space in the class. 




The contact information below is important in case of emergency or if classes are cancelled due to unforeseen reasons.
If Contact 1 cannot be reached then Contact 2 will be contacted.

Authority to Publish

Please read carefully and check the appropriate field if you agree/disagree to allow publication as set out below.

Anna Lee School of Dance will not use your photo for any purpose other than the general promotion and marketing of the dance school.

Your agreement to permit the use of your photo and/or quote is greatly appreciated.

To be able to complete this form you must be over 18 years of age. If you are not over 18 years of age, we will need the agreement of your parent or guardian before we can use this material.

I am 18 years old or over. I have read this release and I understand what it means.
Please tick ONE of the following:
I am under 18 years old. My parent/guardian has read and understood this release
Please tick ONE of the following:

The dance school would like to be able to use your photo in some of its printed and/or electronic promotional and marketing material which will be available for viewing by the public.

  1. Anna Lee School of Dance is able to use your photo (s) and/or quote as many times and in as many ways as it wants to –for example, on the Anna Lee School of Dance website, Facebook, Instagram or in local newspapers.
  2. Your photo may be reproduced in colour or black and white and may be altered for design purposes.
  3. You will not be consulted about the specific context in which your photo appears.
  4. Material held will be kept for an indefinite time. It will be stored and disposed of securely.