We apologise for the delay in releasing tickets for the recital. We have been trying to negotiate, with the theatre,
the cheapest options for our families.

By using a ticket agency comes extra costs with ticket charges and service fee. Due to this we were really hoping to be able to
sell our own tickets this year to help reduce the cost for our families. Sadly however, we are not permitted to do this.
The only option we have this year is to use Ticketek. Ticketek is very accessible and convenient, however, we cannot avoid the
extra fees the agency charges.

Last year a large portion of the Ticketek charges were included in the ticket price and the rest was added to our ticket prices by
Ticketek. This year we have included all the Ticketek charges in the price of the tickets.

We are aware of what other schools charge, and depending on location and the agreements they have after long standing
bookings, some are able to offer slightly cheaper prices than we can. -especially when they are able to avoid the ticketing
charges. However, we appear to be one of the only schools extending our child price to high school age children. We also offer
concession prices for tertiary students and seniors as well as pre-schoolers. We are also excited to be able to offer a Family
Discount this year for 2 Adults and 2 Children.

Please understand that the recital fees and term fees do not cover the cost of hiring a theatre. The only way we
can continue to use a theatre for our recitals is to charge for tickets. The price of the tickets is as low as possible
with the hope to just cover costs, and not to make a profit.

Theatres, regardless of location and prestige, are very expensive. We can no longer hire theatre venues and avoid having to
pay full venue hire and all the extras which include:

  • Venue hire for all rehearsals and recitals
  • Dressing room hire
  • Ushers
  • Front of house staff
  • Safety officers and other theatre staff
  • Lighting and sound technicians
  • Hire of technical equipment eg lights and sound equipment
  • We cannot be in the building at any time without theatre staff therefore increasing the cost even more.

We would love to see as many families at the recital as possible. Please encourage friends and extended family
members to come along as well. Having a full theatre, with lots of applause, is so encouraging for our dancers.
They work so hard and a full audience makes it all worthwhile.



We have had some families ask what the recital fee covers.

Part 1: The recital fee This is $30 and contributes towards the following:

  • Staff wages for all extra rehearsals
  • Staff wages for theatre rehearsals
  • Venue hire for extra rehearsals
  • Administration
  • Music licencing fee
  • Many other miscellaneous costs
  • Props

Part 2: Costume hire This is $15 per dance and contributes towards the cost, alteration and maintenance of the
costumes. Please understand that if you were to buy your own costume you would be paying more than $15.