Group Helper
  • Must be prepared to adhere to all the regulations that the theatre imposes
  • It is preferred that group helpers help at both the dress rehearsal and on recital day if possible
  • Will be required to meet their group at a designated area near the theatre for sign in and/or return the children to the same spot after their last performance - dependent of what recital helping at.
  • Will be responsible for all the children in their group at all times. this includes making sure students do not roam from room to room, do not play with any theatre property at any time and do not leave any mess or marks in the dressing rooms.
  • Ensure children are dressed correctly in their costume, have no jewellery on and their hair is kept immaculate in time for their items.
  • Makes sure any children in their group with "Quick Changes" have the costume needed in the quick change area prior to the commencement of the show and that costumes are switched back before the second performance.
  • Ensure children are kept entertained and hydrated/fed when not dancing (NB: no eating in costume).
  • Helping to keep dressing rooms tidy and left clean on departure.
  • Packing up costumes at the end of the final performance (if helping at this performance).
  • Report to Dressing Room Supervisor and Health and Safety concerns or damage to property
Dressing Room Manager
  • Oversees all dressing rooms.
  • Needs to have an understanding of how the recital process works.
  • Solves any problems in the dressing rooms. Reports major issues to the Production Manager, Anna or theatre staff.
Dressing Room Supervisor
  • Overseeing designated areas and groups.
  • Communicates with the backstage managers to ensure groups are ready to be collected by the runners by making sure children are getting ready in costumes in time, being kept calm, not interfering with theatre property and not roaming around between dressing rooms.
  • Lines children up in order ready for the runners to collect.
  • Checks that children have correct shoes on, no jewellery on and that hair is neat and tidy.
  • Ensures rooms are kept clean and tidy etc.   
  • Report to Dressing Room Manager any Health and Safety Concerns or damage to property.
  • Collects children from dressing rooms and bringing them back stage, returning children to dressing rooms after they have danced.
  • Passes on messages from backstage to dressing rooms as required.
Backstage Manager
  • Maintains the flow of groups between the Dressing Rooms, Backstage area (dock) and side stage.
  • Send Runners to collect groups and receive children from the runners.
  • Check line orders and line up ready to go onstage.
  • Co- ordinate with side of stage and quick change.
Backstage Helper
  • Work in conjunction with backstage managers.
  • Supervise the children in the waiting area before entering side stage.
  • Keeping children in correct line orders before entering stage area.
  • Ensure children wait quietly.
  • Help at quick change when needed.
  • Last minute costume and hair checks.
Quick Change
  • Quick Change at times can be very busy with some children having less than 2minutes to change.
  • Makes sure costumes are in the quick change room before the recital starts, that children know to switch costumes between performances and that the correct shoes and hair pieces are present.
  • Work out where the quick change will happen and have costume ready.
  • Help children change during the show.
Side Stage
  • To ensure a smooth running of each show and make the experience for children in the stage area pleasant and happy.
  • Bring children from backstage area to side stage.
  • Make sure children are in order and are on the correct side of the stage.
  • Keeping children in order behind marked areas to ensure safety for performers and those waiting.
  • Line children up at the wing they will enter the stage area from making sure there is room for the previous item to exit the stage.
  • Make sure all children on quick changes are present before the dance starts.
  • Keep children quiet and happy.
Stage Manager
  • Ensures the smooth running of the show.
  • Needs to be able to think on their feet if things go wrong.
  • Is in communication via comms. with lighting box, music, props, curtain and side stage.
  • Helps develop the script and co-ordinates the prompts to all of those personnel during the show so that the show flows.
  • Need to be available for rehearsals and shows.
  • Help Pack in and out of the theatre.
  • Assembling props at the theatre.  Have props sorted by item ready for use.
  • Have props side stage before the item.
  • Put props onstage and clear stage.
  • Monitor the entrance way to the theatre driveway at the Aurora to ensure only the following people enter the driveway:
    • students with group helpers, and
    • approved parent helpers and production staff
  • Crowd control, help arriving students with group helpers to follow the procedures. Keep the driveway clear of people.
  • Assist confused dancers or parents.
  • Stop people running on the stairs.
  • Assist in making sure all students have a parent helper with them when they arrive and leave.
Sign In and Out Booth
  • Monitor who is coming in or out through the backstage door. 
  • Sign in and sign out everyone who passes through the door.
  • Tick lists showing all dancers’ and helpers’ names will be provided.
  • Only approved parent helpers who have attended an induction may enter - no other adults are permitted in the changing rooms or back stage.
  • Help provide directions to the dressing rooms.
  • Monitor who is leaving specifically ensuring students are accompanied with group helpers.