2019 NZAMD Examination Details

NB: Exams are optional


Dates: Thursday 15th August - Sunday 18th August

  • Exams will most likely be held at the Papanui Studio on either Thursday 15th or Friday 16th

Entries Due:  closed

Mock Exam Timetable: TBC

  • Usually held the weekend before exam dates
  • These will be held at the Papanui studio

Exam Timetable: TBC

Extra Lesson Timetable: Extra lessons will be organised directly with students and their teacher

Mock Exam Details

Pre Elementary Jazz


On Sunday August 11th Pre Elementary Jazz will have a final extra lesson from 4:45pm-5:45pm followed by their mock exam (which will take around 35min).


These will be held at the Papanui studio.

Please wear appropriate exam attire and hair in a tidy bun.

  • Black Bronwyn leotard
  • Black shorts
  • Tan tights
  • Tan jazz shoes
Exam Day Details

The Pre-Elementary exam will be held:

  • Friday August 16th
  • 2:15pm - 2:50pm
  • Papanui Studio

Current scheduled time is early afternoon - this will be confirmed ASAP.

  • Please arrive at least one hour before your exam.
  • Full exam attire must be worn
    • Black Bronwyn leotard
    • Black shorts
    • Tan tights
    • Tan jazz shoes
  • Please no jewellery, fake tattoos, writing on body, make-up etc.
Conditions of Entry
  • Attend required weekly lessons:
    • Jazz students in Rosette Pre-Grade 3 need to regularly attend one exam class per week during terms 1, 2 and 3
    • Jazz students Grade 3 – Elementary Jazz need to regularly attend one exam class per week during terms 1, 2 and 3 and are advised to take at least one ballet class or jazz extension class alongside their regular jazz lesson.
    • Jazz students in Intermediate and up are required to regularly attend one exam class per week during terms 1, 2 and 3 and at least one other lesson. A Ballet class and/or Jazz Extension class is advised at this level.
    • Ballet students are required to attend at least two lessons per week of examination work during terms 1, 2 and 3
  • All students entering NZAMD Jazz exams will be required to attend a minimum of 5 extra lessons in term three. There will be an additional fee of $60 for these lessons. Extra lessons for some grades may start in term 2. If you are not able to attend a set extra lesson time – please contact the office to organise a possible alternative.
    • The extra lesson fee is to be paid in conjunction with the exam entry fee.
  • If there are fewer than four students sitting an exam level – these students will either have the choice to travel to another location for their 5 extra lessons (e.g. Papanui students attend a Ladbrooks lesson for the extra lesson fee) or they may organise private lessons at a higher cost.
  • All students will be required to attend their Mock Exam.
  • Students must reach exam standard – teachers will advise.
  • Timetables are set by our staff in conjunction with NZAMD.
    • We prefer hold our exams for Ladbrooks, Lincoln and Oaklands students on the Saturday of exam weekend (at Ladbrooks Hall) however cannot be in control of the full timetable.
    • Exams for all other students are held at our Papanui studio.
  • If you cannot guarantee being available on ALL dates above, please do not be disappointed if you end up unavailable for your exam time.
  • No refunds will be given for change of mind or if you cannot attend your exam time.
  • If due to sickness of injury you cannot attend your exam, or a sufficient number of lessons in preparation for the exam, a credit with NZAMD may be organised if a medical certificate is provided.
  • If you would prefer for your child to sit an in-school run assessment instead of an exam, please talk to your teacher.
  • No entries will be accepted if any term fees or other payments are outstanding.
  • No entries will be accepted without the completed entry form and full payment or entry fees.