• Please name all your belongings 😊
  • We suggest younger students bring a book or colouring in books and pencils in case they have long breaks between dances or before pick up. NB: No felt pens or messy crayons please
  • NO jewellery, nail polish is to be worn. Please cover earrings with skin coloured tape or remove them before coming to the theatre. This is mainly to avoid costumes getting caught on costumes especially with quick changes
  • Please conceal body art and remove any fake tattoos
  • NO nail polish please

Snacks and Meal Breaks

  • We apologise in advance but we ask that students do not leave the theatre between performances. We need to keep track of every student at all times and we do not have the man power at the recitals to monitor large groups of children leaving and returning
  • On recital day the students can have their meal breaks in their dressing room, or outside their dressing rooms, once they have finished their final dance in the performance. We suggest bringing a large packed lunch/dinner and plenty of water
  • NO food can be consumed when in costume. Thank you for respecting this request
  • Please pack a named water bottle and dry snack food
  • Please ensure food is easy to eat and does not require heating

Hair and Make Up

  • Information regarding hair and make-up requirements can be found by following the link on your class information tab

What to bring

Ballet and Pre School Students

  • Ballet Tights
  • Leather Ballet Shoes with elastic   
  • Character shoes or Pointe Shoes (if required)
  • Any leotard required for costumes (if unsure bring your class uniform leotard)
  • NB for younger students - Pink Chloe Dress is NOT required


Jazz Students

  • Tan jazz shoes
  • Black jazz shorts if required (if unsure bring your full class uniform in case)
  • Black leotard if required (if unsure bring your full class uniform in case)
  • Tan non-shimmer jazz tights for students in Grade 1 and above
    • Available from PW Dance and Farmers
    • Farmers style are preferred - Columbine 50 or 70 denier Opaque - Mocca


Hip Hop Students

  • Boys - Black jeans
  • Girls - Black legging
  • Footwear
    • Juniors - as per email
    • Seniors - Black or white sneakers


Contemporary Students

  • Black Bronwyn leotard
  • Black full-length leggings
  • Foot thongs / undies – check with your teacher if unsure