End of Year Recital


Parent Helpers for the Recital 



Performance Times & Classes Involved

Please read the following carefully to ensure you know what recital (or recitals) your child's class is involved in.


2.00pm ONLY - Dec 12th

  • Pre School Dance classes - participating in ONE dance
  • Pre Syllabus Ballet classes - participating in TWO dances
  • Pre Primary Ballet classes - participating in TWO dances
  • Primary Ballet classes - participating in TWO dances
  • Grade 1 Ballet classes - participating in TWO dances
  • Beginner Jazz/Ballet classes - participating in TWO dances
  • Pre Junior Jazz classes - participating in TWO dances
  • Junior Jazz classes - participating in TWO dances
  • Pre Grade Jazz classes - participating in TWO dances
  • Grade 2 Ballet - participating in TWO dances
  • Grade 1 Jazz - participating in TWO dances
  • Junior Hip Hop - participating in TWO dances

2:00pm & 6:30pm - Dec 12th

  • All other classes will be part of the 2:30 and 6:30 performances
    • Grade 3 ballet & above
    • Grade 2 Jazz & above
    • Intermediate Hip Hop & above
    • ALL contemporary classes
  • Each class will perform in 2 dances
    • With the exception of Jazz Extension, Performance Jazz, Development Ballet and Open Ballet as these are extra "open" format classes
Recital Opt-Out Form

Please let us know by Saturday October 12th if you will be apart of our recital just follow the appropriate link below.


General Recital Information

Our End of Year Recitals are an exciting opportunity for all of our students where they get to showcase their hard work in front of their family and friends.

For most of our students it is the highlight of the year!

Full costuming, make-up and lighting is used in our recital to make sure it is an experience for our students to remember!

As with most performances/concerts, there is a level of commitment required by our students and parents in order to ensure our students put on the best show they can! We ask that all participating families respect and attend any extra lessons or rehearsals held.

Our end of Year performances also offer a chance for parents and caregivers to volunteer time to help us back stage in a variety of roles - from helping with class costume changes to being apart of our backstage crew. It can be a very exciting experience! The time our volunteers give to help out at our shows is invaluable - without you our students would not get the chance to perform!

If this is something you think you would be interested in helping with - let us know when the time comes. This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know other dance families and invest in your child's passion of dancing.

2020 Recital Details & Key Dates


Recital Day - Saturday 12th December

Location - Aurora Centre for the Performance Arts (Burnside High School)

  • Show times are  2:00pm and 6:30pm
  • Please check the below tab for your child's performance time

Theatre Rehearsals -

  • These will be held in the week leading up to the recital
  • Exact dates are online now.

Extra Lessons -

  • Most classes will be required to attend at least one or two extra lessons in the lead up to the recital.
  • We aim to hold extra lessons on a Saturday or Sunday. 
  • Please keep an eye on the website for updates. 

NB At this stage there will not be any extra lessons for our preschool classes but they will be required to attend a theatre rehearsal prior to recital day

Please understand that it is impossible to fit in with all our student's other commitments (although we always try our best). If you do have other commitments at the same time as the theatre rehearsal, we ask that on this occasion you please prioritise the theatre rehearsal. Absence from this rehearsal and any other extra lessons where classes are combined could cause confusion on recital day for not only your child, but others in the class.

Extra Rehearsals

  • Some classes may be involved in extra rehearsals during term 4 - dates and times and those involved will be confirmed 


Extra Rehearsal and Recital Day Information

Click on your class location before to find you class rehearsal information:

Make Up and Hair Requirements