General Class Information


In 2009 we introduced a no-spectator policy in our classes and we have been amazed at the difference it has made to our students. Concentration has improved and students are learning their work and improving at a faster rate as distractions have been removed.

We realise that it is much easier at our Papanui studio and Halswell venue for parents and students as they have a waiting room.

We acknowledge that it is not so easy for parents waiting in the Ladbrooks hall if we have classes running in both halls.

However, this year we would appreciate all your support in carrying our no spectator policy into all our classes, in all our venues. We really are working hard for our students and one of the most beneficial ways we can help them is by minimizing distractions.

Children aged 3 to approximately 8 years old are the most easily distracted and we find that these are the classes where we have the most spectators.

Parents of new students are welcome to view their child’s first lesson as it is important that children settle comfortably into their class without anxiety.

We will have watching days at the end of each term (please see viewing day dates).

We do ask however that you do not bring siblings to watching days unless they can sit very still and quietly throughout the entire lesson.

Waiting Areas

Students are asked not to walk into the halls or studios during classes other than their own class (unless ducking through quickly to go to the toilet).

Ladbrooks students who have class in the smaller room, please enter via the back door and wait for your class in the kitchen. Those waiting for a class in the main hall please enter via the front door and wait in the entrance foyer just off the hall. If there is no class in the small room please enter the back door and wait in this room.

Sumner, Lincoln,Halswell and Papanui Students please wait for your class in the waiting areas.