Preschool Classes

Our Pre School dance classes are our very first introduction class for students. Students are introduced to the basic fundamental steps of most general dance styles such as skipping, walking on tip toes, marching and much more in a fun and relaxed environment. These skills will help develop technique used in most dance styles as well as general co-ordination. Teachers use props such as wands, scarves, flags and musical instruments to help keep students engaged. Musicality is also an important aspect in these classes.

Pre School students have to opportunity to perform in our annual End of Year Recital.

Recommended Age:

3 - 5 years

  • Children in our Pre School school classes should be confident enough to be left in class without a parent in the room.
  • Parents are more than welcome to stay in the room during the first one or two lessons, however need to understand they may need to remove themselves from the room if they are becoming a distraction.

Uniform Required:

  • Any ballet style outfit is acceptable for class.
  • Pink leather ballet shoes will be required for students who wish to partake in our End of Year Recital


Once students reach 5 years, they can progress on to Pre Syllabus Ballet or Beginners Jazz