The JDNZ work is predominantly taught to our jazz students. The JDNZ work offers a wide solid grounding with good technical exercises. Students will be introduced to contemporary and hip hop as well as a cabaret and musical theatre, soft shoe and many more jazz styles.

We also have students sitting NZAMD exams. The NZAMD work has fantastic stretch and strengthening exercises and where possible it is ideal for older students to work on both syllabi.

Students are also offered extension classes. These classes are not syllabus based. As well as having a focus on flexibility, fitness and strengthening, the students learn challenging steps that may not be found in exam work.

In 2016 we also introduced Performance Jazz classes.

From 2019 we have transitioned into tan shoes for all jazz students by term 4 so all our classes have them ready for the recital.

Jazz Progressions

Syllabus Taught:

  • Jazz Dance New Zealand (JDNZ)
  • New Zealand Association of Modern Dance (NZAMD)


  • Beginner Ballet/Jazz
  • Beginners
  • Pre Junior
  • Junior
  • Pre Grade
  • Grade 1
  • Grade 2
  • Grade 3
  • Grade 4
  • Grade 5
  • Grade 6
  • Pre Major
  • Major
  • Intermediate 1 
  • Advanced 1


Some students from Grade 5 level are better suited to the NZAMD syllabus, especially those who are not taking ballet or jazz extension classes.

  • Grade 3 (taken after of in place of Grade 3 JDNZ)
  • Grade 4 (taken after of in place of Grade 4 JDNZ)
  • Grade 5 (taken after of in place of Grade 5 JDNZ)
  • Pre Elementary (taken after Grade 5 JDNZ of in place of Grade 6 JDNZ)
  • Elementary
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

The following NZAMD levels are taught as a bridging year when a class of JDNZ students are not ready to move to the next level of JDNZ

  • Grade 1 -(taken after Pre Grade 2 JDNZ) – no classes 2017
  • Grade 2 – (taken after Grade 1 JDNZ) – no classes 2017