As of 2022 ALSD has taken the exciting step to offer the APDA JazzAddict syllabus to our students. The ADPA work offers exciting and modern exercises that help to stretngthen and promote sound technique while teaching a variety of steps and styles such as turns, leaps, floor work, lyrical and musical theatre.
We also offer NZAMD performance based medal tests - these are a favourite amongst our junior school especially.

Students are also offered extension classes. These classes are not syllabus based. As well as having a focus on flexibility, fitness and strengthening, the students learn more challenging steps that may not be found in exam work.


All jazz classes have a set uniform:

  • Tan leather jazz shoes
  • Black "V" front jazz shorts
  • Black "Bronwyn" style leotard*
  • Intermediate and above levels are also asked to have 'Tan" pantyhose tights - please contact the office to confirm the best style and/or place of purchase
  • Male students - you teacher will advise of the correct uniform. Jazz shoes as above.

*For those students who have progressed from a "Chloe" leotard in 2021, a Bronwyn  is not required until you outgrow your current leotard.


Jazz Progressions

Syllabus Taught:

  • Asia Pacific Dance Association (APDA)

Level Progressions:  NB: Ages included are those reccomended  by the APDA

  • Primary Jazz One (5 yrs)
  • Primary Jazz Two (6 yrs)
  • Junior Jazz One (7 yrs)
  • Junior Jazz Two (8 yrs)
  • Junior Jazz Three (9 yrs)
  • Elementary Jazz One (10 yrs / new adults / new teens)
  • Elementary Jazz Two
  • Elementary Jazz Three
  • Intermediate Jazz One
  • Intermediate Jazz Two
  • Intermediate Jazz Three
  • Advanced Jazz One
  • Advanced Jazz Two
  • Solo Seal Jazz