Contemporary classes are offered to students from approximately 9 years old. A background in ballet or jazz is not needed for contemporary dance. As of 2022 we offer the APDA Lucidity syllabus work. This work offers exciting training exercises and modernised combination we know our students will love.

We also offer NZAMD performance based medal tests - these are a favourite amongst our junior school especially.


Contemporary classes have a set uniform:

  • Black "Bronwyn" style leotard
  • Black full lenght or 3/4 tights (that come to the base of the calf)
  • Tan coloured "foot undies" - NOT half ballet shoes
  • Firm fitting plain black top may be worn over leotard
  • Male students - teacher will advise


Contemporary Progressions

Syllabus Taught:

  • Asia Pacific Dance Association (APDA)

Level Progressions:  NB: Ages included are those reccomended  by the APDA

  • Level 1 (recommended age - 7 years)
  • Level 2 (8 years)
  • Level 3 (9 years)
  • Level 4 (10 years)
  • Level 5
  • Level 6
  • Level 7
  • Level 8
  • Level 9
  • Level 10
  • Solo Seal

Please note not all levels may be avaiable each year.