To be eligible to enter competitions a certain level of technique and artistic proficiency is required.

As well as this, students must show a dedication to their dancing. They will be required to practice their dance(s) outside of lesson time and must also attend all their regular classes.

We are very supportive of any students who may wish to enter in dance competitions.

Competitions are an excellent for encouraging students to extend their dance abilities, as well as a chance to gain performance experience.

In competitions, students can perform in solo’s, duo’s, trio’s and teams.

Competitions required full make up and costuming. Costumes are available for hire from the school. See here for more information.

If you child is interested in learning a dance for the competitions please let your teacher know. She/he will give you more information regarding time commitments and costs.

Your teacher will let you know whether your child is ready for competitions and, if not, what classes to attend to help reach the level required.


More Information:

Follow this link for more information about Performance and Competitions, including Eligibility, 2019 ALSD Competition Teams, Timetable, and General Competition Information.