Ballet Grade 3


  • Students with previous dance experience:
    • Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Grade 2 Ballet or equivalent
    • Students with equivalent experience must meet the age requirements - these students may need to trial a few different levels to find the best class
    • Two syllabus lessons a week as well as a stretch and conditioning class is recommended.  For students wishing to sit  the Grade 3 exam two syllabus classes and a stretch class is compulsory.
  • Students with little or no ballet experience:
    • The recommended age for students with little or no ballet experience is 10-12 years
    • The students ability and the number of lessons they will attend per week will be taken into account
    • New students may need to trial a few different levels to find the best class
  • Exceptions are at the discretion of the school/teacher and will depend on previous dance experience, exams passed, ability and age. Please contact the office for further information.

Uniform Requirements:

  • Girls
    • Marine "Bronwyn" style leotard
    • Ballet tights
    • Pink leather ballet shoes with full sole and elastic
    • Cuban heel character shoe
    • Character skirt - new style available from PW Dance*
  • Boys
    • White short-sleeved leotard or well-fitted white T-shirt
    • Navy shorts or ankle length tights
    • White leather ballet shoes with full sole and elastic
    • Short white socks
    • Black lace up character shoes

* As of 2017 we will be introducing a new style character skirt. When a new skirt is required, please purchase the new style available from PW Dance, not a second-hand one.

Grade 3 ballet is our first "middle school" level ballet class and the third level of our exam classes. Students are taught fundamental steps, linking steps and combinations of  classical, free-movement and national character ballet styles. Our school follows the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus at this level. Exercises and combinations have a strong focus on technique, detail, style and performance.

Students in Grade 3 ballet have the opportunity to enter a RAD Examination, NZAMD Medal Test and/or to perform in our annual End of Year Recital. Students wishing to sit the Grade 3 RAD examination/class award are required to attend two exam classes per week during term times.

Grade 3 ballet progresses on to Grade 4 ballet.